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Covid-19 Update

Update 12th April

WE’RE BACK!!!!!!!!!!! At last some sort of normality has been resumed in driving lessons in England. All driving lessons are now back on - as well as private practice being allowed to non-essential destinations. I currently have a full diary but I am running a waiting list so please don’t hesitate to contact about availability - it runs on a first come first offered basis and if you can’t make a specific slot then you will automatically be offered the next available one! Obviously all Covid19 safety precautions are still being adhered to (if you want further info my safety orecautions are here) as well as DVSA conducting tests in their revised manner. I have received my first vaccine jab and due my 2nd one in July

Update 3rd December

With more Tier restrictions coming in across the country I have received a number of queries from my learners asking if lessons can still go ahead. Currently Worcestershire is in Tier 3 so alongisde my Covid19 safety precations DVSA are happy for both lessons and tests to continue. However if you live in a Tier 4 area you will be unable to have lessons or travel to a test, even if that test area is in a Tier 3! Practically that means under current regulations Gloucestershire and Warwickshire are unable to have lessons or tests. It appears at the moment that these will be reviewed every 2 weeks by the government so unless DVSA change their guidance lessons will continue to follow that pattern…. Tier 2/3 - Lessons and tests as normal Tier 4 - All lessons and tests cancelled if you live in a T4 area or your test centre is in a T4 area

Update 26th June

At LAST! We can return to something approaching normal. As of yesterday (25th June) the DVSA announced that they endorse a return to instructing from 4th July. Theory tests will also restart from 4th July using social distancing in the test centres. Practical tests are scheduled to restart from 22nd July. However pupils new to the system should expect a large degree of disruption to begin with as the DVSA attempts to clear backlog of pupils who were booked in for practical tests before lockdown on 23rd March. My advice for any new learner is yes, book driving lessons to get you started, with the roads still relatively quiet it’s a great opportunity to learn, but……… BOOK YOUR THEORY TEST AS SOON AS YOU ARE ABLE, this way there will be nothing stopping you from applying for your practical test for when you predict that you will be ready! For further information and to book a lesson then please contact me on 07432 674927 or visit the contact page and we can discuss any other questions you may have.

------------TOP TIP--------------

So that you can increase your chance of passing the theory test first time and therefore avoid further delays and waiting lists, invest in a theory revision disk or app and revise and practice it until you are passing EVERY time. I recommend Driving Test Success All Tests for PCs or there is a matching App for mobiles  (although hazard perception is not as easy because of the smaller screen!) as previous learners have had great success with it but other packages are available. I get no incentive from this product, it is just really useful in my opinion.

------------TOP TIP--------------

Update 12th May

After the lockdown review on 10th and 11th May it is clear that the government wish to get businesses active again where safe. This is currently being analysed by N.A.S.P and they are awaiting official response from the DVSA to the changes. Until then it is down to individual instructors/schools to evaluate whether they can provide a safe enough environment for themselves and pupils so to ensure that safety continues I, like a lot of my instructor colleagues, am waiting for clarification which hopefully should be he by the end of the week. At that point I should be able to give customers a clearer picture of how and when lessons will be re-starting. Until that point thank you all for your continued patience and stay safe and alert as guidance from .gov advises.

Latest update…..

Currently my practical driving lessons are postponed. Whilst this is extremely frustrating for all you budding learners, it is the only safe and responsible action that I can take at ‘Select First Driver Training’ at the moment. I am taking guidance from the N.A.S.P. which is a partnership combining the 3 main institutes associated with ADIs. Below is an extract from their current recommendations which can be read in full here. “At an extremely difficult and worrying time for us all, taking into account the Government public health advice regarding social distancing and trying to control and delay the spread of the COVID- 19 virus, NASP would urge all instructors to stop delivering driving lessons, if you have not already done so, with the exception of teaching key workers where necessary. This should be until the end of April and then we can then all review the situation again.” As an exisiting or potential learner you may be wondering how and when you can start learning to drive again, so to try and help I have tried to answer some common questions I have received already. If you have a question that isn’t covered below please do feel free to contact me with your query and I’ll try my best to answer it?

Can I still learn in my own car?

Technically yes as long as you follow existing learner driver regulations, however I would encourage all learners to follow the government guidelines about social distancing. Having an accompanying qualified driver with you will involve them being less than 2m away from you! According to .gov they should definitely be from the same household and you should be asking yourself is it an essential trip as everyone except key workers are being told to stay at home!

Can I book my theory test?

At the moment no - all theory test centres are shut…. “Due to the unfolding COVID-19 situation, from Friday 20 March 2020, all theory tests have been postponed until Monday 20 April 2020. “ source:DVSA guidance Anyone who had a test booked will have been contacted by now and no future bookings are currently being taken….HOWEVER! Make use of the time, study and prepare for your theory test now so that when the system re-opens you can book in at the earliest possible date knowing you are ready to pass - there is a high likelyhood of a long waiting list! Use online or purchased highway codes and I personally recommend “Driving Test Success All Tests PC - by Focus Multimedia Ltd” (Currently for sale on Amazon for £6.04 - the PC DVD-ROM not just the basic DVD!) There is also an app equivalent by the same company for android / iOS devices although the larger screen with a PC is better for the hazard perception and more closely simulates the actual theory test. I am not connected to or receive any commision from Focus Multimedia - this is a personal recommendation based on my pupils’ previous success!

I’ve already passed my theory can I book my practical test?

In most cases no! The only exception to this is if you consider yourself a key worker in which case you have to contact the DVSA direct via email to persuade them and provide any proof they request. “We are suspending driving tests for up to 3 months from Saturday 21 March 2020 as there is extended contact between candidates and examiners in vehicles. Motorcycle tests are also being suspended. “ source:DVSA guidance The booking system is currently not accessible for booking - even beyond the 3 month period quoted by the DVSA. I will be putting on any updates to this guidance on this webpage if the situation changes.

Is there anything I can do to get ready for practical lessons?

With many people confined to home then online learning is about all that is available to many. Yotube can be a fantastic learning tool providing you find a reputable user! If you are unsure, ask a driving member of your household for their opinion. I would personally recommend “Think Driving School” channel (I use their videos with their permission on my resources page for maneuvers) These are well produced and trustworthy techniques being described and will start getting your thinking process correct for when you get behind the wheel!

Can I book lessons now for when Select First Driver Training continues?

As you can imagine there are current pupils who will of course receive priority booking to continue with their learning, however I am still open for business as far as contact enquiries. My advice would be to contact me via email, social media, telephone or contact form where I can update you on the latest developments and take your details so that I can contact you as soon as lessons re- start. This will be done on a first come first serve basis to be fair to all learners.

How will I know when tests and lessons restart?

I will publish any changes in the lesson/test situation here as soon as I receive guidance myself. Alternatively you can visit the DVSA guidance on the . gov site HERE where you can view the latest guidance yourself and even sign up for email notifications